Ideas We Love <3

Ideas We Love <3

Our team has always been inspired by human centric products like the LifeStraw, the fuseproject, MittiCool and many others. Today we'll be posting about a few products/services that have inspired us in the past year, with a special focus on children's products.

Pley Learning by playing

Pley Image Source: Pley  

Pley is an online toy rental service. Kids get inspired by and tired of the 'new' addition to the toy bank very quickly. Pley allows parents to rent interesting toys for a certain amount of period with the option to purchase them for good or return. This not only saves families lots of money and chaos but also benefits the environment as it promotes recycling and reduces addition to landfills.

loog Guitars loog

Inspiring children to learn something new is the essence of our team and what keeps us going. loog does exactly that by simplifying the traditional guitar to a three-string operation and narrowing the neck thus making it easy for kids to learn how to play! It comes with a supporting app that instructs them how to tune their guitar, understand chords and play simple songs.

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To be able to create something personalized for every child out there is such a great idea! does that with their series The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name. The service prompts you to enter the name of the boy or girl you're getting the book for and creates an adventure based on the letters of the child's name. Such a wonderful idea!

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