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Today in Ideas We Love, we focus on digital products for kids! With kids being so savvy with the internet from a very young age, it's great to see amazing content for them to access. We've put together three sites that offer a learning experience to kids along with fun.

Tate Kids

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Divided into three sections- Make, Games & Quizzes and Explore; Tate Kids provides kids with a whole lot of play and learning. The Make section has timed downloadable exercises (mostly 20 to 30 minutes each) with set steps. We love the exercises posted: ranging from how to Draw a Surreal Creature to how to Make a Protest Poster, they not only engage kids but are also inspired by an artist or movement and inform kids about them during the course of the exercise. In Games and Quizzes, one of our favorite quizzes is Which Art Superhero Are You? Like any other quiz, it asks you a set of random questions but in the end the superhero is an artist whose methods they explain and how they relate to the individual playing, thus teaching them about a new artist they can look up. A sample super hero:

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Explore introduces kids to new topics like the work of Georgia O'Keeffe or features an artist through informative videos. Love love love Tate Kids!


Tiggly: Interactive Games and Apps for Kids

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Time Magazine defined Tiggly toys as "toys that will make your kids smarter" and we agree. Some of the apps are designed only for schools while most are for general downloads for kids all over. The apps are typically supported with physical interactive toys that can be paired with the supporting apps. For instance, the Tiggly Shapes packaging comes with physical square, circle, triangle and star shape blocks that are compatible with three free apps for encouraging shape recognition and creativity.

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Tiggly is the perfect way to mix sensory leraning with the digital! Tiny Bop: Toys for Tomorrow Similar but very different to the other two apps featured, Tiny Bop has various apps focussed on one topic. Some apps are Mammals, The Human Body, Plants, Homes and many more. The apps delves really deep into the topic. For instance, Homes explores "unique homes from around the world".

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Great app to explore if your child is looking to delve into a matter in depth. <3

Ideas We Love <3

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