Keeping Kiddos Busy: Easy Sensory Bag Activity

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Summer is officially here, and for some parents, that can signal the start of a two-month long struggle of finding fun ways to keep their kiddos busy. The SoaPen team took to the internet to find some easy, kid-friendly activities that would do just that. Come along and make a hand washing sensory bag with us!

All materials on a table together.

If you want to make the handwashing sensory bag alongside us, this is the time to gather all of your materials! A shorter version of the materials list and instructions is here if you want to get right into the action. To make the handwashing sensory bag, all you need is a zipper bag, rubbing alcohol, a cotton round, permanent markers, hair gel, water, printed bubbles for the sensory bag provided here, scissors, and packing tape.

Removing the label on ziplock bag using rubbing alcohol.

Although this step is totally optional, we think it will draw attention to your kiddos’ artistic work! We decided to start the creative process by removing the zipper bag label. Soak a cotton round in rubbing alcohol and rub the label right off so nothing can get in the way of the canvas your kiddos have to draw on!

Drawing of hands rubbing together on a zipper bag. Drawn with blue permanent marker.

Next, freehand a drawing of hands rubbing together on the front of the bag. You can also switch it up and draw any scene that will have bubbles around, such as, a mouth and bubble wand! 

Equal parts gel and water in bag.

Once your image is drawn onto the bag, it’s time to add the necessary components to the inside of the bag. Add equal parts hair gel and water to get the desired sensory feeling in the zipper bag. The hair gel and water concoction is what allows the kiddos to move the pieces inside the zipper bag. 

Cutting bubbles and excess packing tape around them.

Now, you will go back to the images of the bubbles here and cut out the individual bubbles. Once you have all of the individual bubbles cut out, you will cover them in packing tape. This ensures that the hair gel and water mixture won’t ruin the bubbles once they are inside of the zipper bag. Cut around the bubbles to cut off excess packing tape. 

Bubbles inside zipper bag.

 Once you have all your bubbles cut and wrapped in packing tape, you can move them to the inside of the zipper bag. After all of the bubbles have found their way to the inside of the zipper bag, you can reinforce the top of the zipper bag with packing tape to ensure that the hair gel and water mixture don't seep out!

Finger moving bubbles around in sensory bag.

And there you have it! A hand-washing sensory bag for your kiddos! You can take this craft as an opportunity to explain the importance of hand washing and proper handwashing techniques. To learn more on the when and how of handwashing and to download handwashing posters for your kiddo's bathroom, head to our post here

Thanks for coming along on our sensory activity bag journey!

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