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Wow, we can’t believe we sold out of SoaPens after Shark Tank! We had anticipated a surge in sales, but no amount of planning could have predicted the boost we saw. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you soap much! We’re busy restocking SoaPens and will be updating this blog to keep you updated on our production schedule. The pandemic has affected supply chains globally. We know that SoaPen makes for the perfect stocking stuffer and we’re doing everything we can to get SoaPens to you asap.
  1. Current Estimated Shipping Date for Pre-orders placed on : December 15, 2021
  2. Current Estimated In-Stock Date for Amazon: December 15, 2021
The timeline so far:
-> What’s happening right now? We’re busy filling SoaPens! 😇
-> November 14th, 2021- Bottles arrived at our production facility in Indiana 💫
-> November 9th, 2021- SoaPen bottles arrived at JFK 🛬

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