Our mission is to make hand washing with soap fun and accessible for kids world over.


We grew up in New Delhi, India and met at the Parsons School of Design, NY. Aiming to design for social impact, we found the UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge. It highlighted a statistic that moved us - more than 50% of infectious diseases that lead to fatalities among kids under 5 can be avoided by the simple act of washing hands with soap. We started thinking “how can we make hand washing with soap fun?”

Winning the UNICEF challenge was our first step in making SoaPen a reality. Along the way, we’ve been listed on Forbes 30U30 and named Toyota’s Mother of Invention. We hope you join us on our journey to make hand washing fun and accessible to kids around the world.


Amanat and Shubham

First Sketch

This was our first visualization of what SoaPen could look like. We submitted this sketch to the UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge and won the challenge for the concept.


We tried out our tiny first prototypes with students at Reece School, NY and got an amazing response. It gave us the confidence to iterate further.


We launched SoaPen's beta version in 2019 and the response was amazing- getting us a feature in Real Simple.


Our newest SoaPen is here! With improved packaging and even more vibrant new colors, it's built on user feedback.


Our mission is to make hand washing fun and accessible for kids around the world. For every purchase, we donate soap or a percentage of profits to partner organizations that passionately support children's hygiene and health.

We've conducted successful hand washing awareness campaigns in India and the Philippines using SoaPen as a teaching tool and are excited to grow our impact.

Thank you for supporting our cause with your purchase.

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