Turn Handwashing into an Adventure

Free E-Book to Get Your Kids Excited About Clean Hands

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Make Handwashing Exciting For Kids

Free E-Book to Get Your Kids Excited About Clean Hands

Alpy learns when to wash her hands through a catchy new song. She also learns the essential steps of handwashing and why it is important to keep hands clean and healthy for herself and her entire community.

  • Promotes Hand Hygiene

  • Engages Children

  • Encourages Independence

  • Positive Family Experience

  • Supports Good Health

  • Reduces Resistance

The book "Learning to Wash My Hands" provides valuable lessons about hand hygiene through an entertaining story. It reinforces the concepts introduced with SoaPen, making learning more comprehensive.

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Prevent Illness

Prevent Foodborn Illness

Encourage Healthy Emotional Development

Foster Personal Hygiene

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Some children may resist handwashing, especially if they associate it with discomfort or inconvenience. SoaPen's gentle formula and fun approach can help reduce this resistance, making handwashing a more positive experience.

  • Make Health Fun

  • Give Kids Tools for Lifelong Health

  • Foster Good Habits

  • Engage the Whole Family

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Be One Of The Happy Parents! Why?

Gentle On Skin

 "Our 9 yr old has always resisted handwashing because he gets painful cracks in his skin, but we haven't noticed any drying or cracking with SoaPen.

Fuss Free

"SoaPen is awesome. Our 4-year-old daughter loves coloring on her hands (and ours), and we love that hand washing is fun and fuss-free!”

Teaches Independence

"No more struggles, my daughter runs home and the first thing she does is wash her hands with her SoaPen!" 

 Making Handwashing Fun For Kids! 

Soapen & Book Duo Transforms Handwashing

SoaPen makes handwashing an exciting adventure for kids. With our Hand Soap Pen, your children can have a blast while keeping their hands clean. 


Draw all over your hands with SoaPen!


Slightly wet your SoaPen drawing under warm water.


Rub your wet hands together to create soft lather.


Rinse off the lather for germ-free clean hands!

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