3 Ways To Get Your Toddler To Wash Their Hands

No one likes washing their hands. It’s cold, it’s drying, and it takes time out of our already busy lives. But as parents, we know that it’s important to teach our kids good hygiene habits from a young age. So how do you get your toddler to wash their hands when they would rather be doing anything else? Read on to find out!

Here are 3 Ways To Get Your Toddler To Wash Their Hands!

Method 1: The Bribe Method
Let’s be honest, bribery works like a charm when it comes to toddlers. Whether it’s a lollipop after a trip to the grocery store or an extra story at bedtime, bribes can be very effective in getting toddlers to do what you want them to do. So why not use this same tactic to get your toddler to wash their hands? Choose a reward that your toddler will care about, and tell them that they can have it if they wash their hands correctly. Remember to be specific with your instructions – tell them how many squirts of soap they need to use, how long they need to scrub for, etc. – so that there is no confusion about what they need to do to earn their reward.

Method 2: The Visual Aid Method
For some toddlers, watching someone else wash their hands can be all the motivation they need to do it themselves. If your toddler is resistant to washing their hands, try demonstrating the proper way to do it yourself. Show them how much soap to use, how to scrub all over their hands (including under their nails!), and how long they need to wash for. You can even make up a little song or rhyme about hand-washing to make the experience more fun for them. Once you’ve gone through the motions yourself, it will be much easier for your toddler to follow along and do it themselves.

SoaPen is a great way to give kids a visual aid during handwashing!

Method 3: The Give-them-a-Choice Method
Sometimes offering your child a choice can be just the thing that gets them on board with an activity that they’re resistant to. When it comes time to wash their hands, give your toddler two options for soap – say, blueberry or strawberry – and let them choose which one they want to use. Or let them pick out a new hand towel each week so that they have something fun and unique to dry their hands with. Small choices like these can make a big difference in getting your toddler excited about washing their hands.

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