Educator Discount Program

Help your students draw their germs away!

Teachers give the world to their students, so we’re giving back to them. 

Whether you’d like to host hand washing and hygiene workshops with your class or simply have SoaPens at your classroom sink, SoaPen is proud to offer teachers, administrators and other school officials an exclusive discount.

Use your valid school email address to get started today! Please submit the form below to complete the Educator Discount application.

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing. 

Bundle Selection


Yes, here is a downloadable activity book to make handwashing with SoaPen interactive.

Any current teachers in a K-12 school or preschool are eligible for the discount. Teach for America and Donors Choose associates are also eligible to use this discount with a valid company ID or business card with a photo ID.

You will receive an email after you submit the form with your discount!

This discount cannot be combined with other promotions. 

Currently, we’re only providing discounts to SoaPen Hand Soap for Kids.

We recommend 3 SoaPens per classroom of up to 15 students. 

Each pen gives over 100 handwashes.

SoaPen may be too much fun for the first week or 2 but in our experience kids get used to it and their instances of handwashing increase. Our tip would be to put only one SoaPen out  so they don’t get distracted with too many colors.