Draw your germs away with SoaPen


Soap that kids love using


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Draw your germs away with SoaPen


Soap that kids love using


How To Use

An illustration of white stars on blue hands with a blue SoaPen product to the left

Draw all over your hands with SoaPen!

A blue illustration of three water droplets falling onto blue hands with white stars on the palms

Slightly wet your SoaPen drawing under warm water.

An illustration of blue hands rubbing SoaPen's product between their hands for 20-40 seconds to create a later lather with bubbles

Rub your wet hands together to create a lather.  

An illustration of blue hands sparkling clean from washing their hands with SoaPen

Rinse off the lather for germ free clean hands! 

What Parents Are Saying


 "Our 9 year old has always resisted handwashing because he tends to get painful cracks in his skin, but we haven't noticed any drying or cracking with SoaPen."
- Heidi Mielke, IN


"SoaPen is awesome. Our 4 year old daughter loves coloring on her hands (and ours) and we love that hand washing is fun and fuss free!”
-Chris Bozeman, MT


"No more struggles, my daughter runs home and the first thing she does is wash her hands with her SoaPen!"
- Tara McCarton, NY

Good for them (and you)

SoaPen gives you the peace of mind that your kids' hand washing habits are well taken care of! With SoaPen's gentle formula kids' have fuss free fun while incorporating a life saving habit into their day to day.

SoaPen is non-irritating, non-toxic and free from SLS, parabens, EDTA, phthalates and any animal by product.

Illustration of an orange flower against a blue background
Non Toxic

Free of SLS, phthalates, parabens and EDTA.

Illustration of a blue shirt with a stain that can be minimized by staying clean through the use of SoaPen
No Staining

SoaPen doesn't stain clothes or walls.

Illustration of a backpack holding SoaPen in its side pocket to show it is small and compact
On The Go

Perfect for parents and kids on the go.

Illustration of a sad soap bottle because it was forgotten and wasted
No Mess

No wasting of soap with SoaPen!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make hand hygiene fun and accessible for kids all over the world.

For every purchase, we donate soap or a percentage of profits to our partner organizations that passionately support children's hygiene and health.

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