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  • Gentle On Skin

    "Our 9 yr old has always resisted handwashing because he gets painful cracks in his skin, but we haven't noticed any drying or cracking with SoaPen."
    - Heidi Mielke, IN

  • Fuss Free

    "SoaPen is awesome. Our 4 year old daughter loves coloring on her hands (and ours) and we love that hand washing is fun and fuss free!”

    -Chris Bozeman, MT

  • Teaches Independence

    "No more struggles, my daughter runs home and the first thing she does is wash her hands with her SoaPen!"

    - Tara McCarton, NY

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  • illustrated icon with soapen drawing on hands


    Draw all over your hands with SoaPen!

  • icon of drawing of soapen on hands with water on top


    Slightly wet your SoaPen drawing under warm water.

  • icon of hands being rubbed together


    Rub your wet hands together to create soft lather.

  • icon of clean hands


    Rinse off the lather for germ free clean hands! 

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