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Alpy's Sneeze Board Book

Alpy's Sneeze Board Book

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Introducing our first children's book: Alpy’s Sneeze! 🦕📖

Teach your kids the importance of proper handwashing with Alpy the dinosaur on her fun adventures between city and nature.

About the Author

Shubham Issar co-founded Soapen to make hygiene fun for kids. Growing up in New Delhi, Shubham’s mom taught her the importance of proper handwashing, instilling in her the belief that it is not just a matter of personal hygiene but also a social responsibility. Inspired by this, Shubham and her team created a kid’s book about Alpy the dinosaur, who embarks on adventures between the city and country while learning handwashing.

What's Inside

Follow Alpy’s adventure as she learns the importance of handwashing from her mama. Alpy learns when and how to wash her hands and that keeping her hands clean keeps everyone she loves healthy and happy

Book Details

Ages 2+
Hardback Size: 5.625in. x 5.625in.
Printed in the USA
Copyright 2023


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