4 Most Important Habits to Teach Kids

Kids are very impressionable. That's why it's important to teach them fundamental healthy habits that will stay with them throughout their entire lives. The list could go on and on, but we've narrowed it down to just four healthy habits we feel are the most important.

Hand Washing

The importance of hand washing cannot be stressed enough! Germs are everywhere, but they can be ousted by the simple act of washing your hands. Teaching your children to wash their hands after they use the restroom, before they handle food, after being in a public place, etc., will keep them protected from various illnesses. This will also keep other children healthy, as it prevents the spread of disease. Teaching them to sing the ABC's song while they're washing their hands will help them hit the right amount of hand washing time. You can also incorporate all sorts of fun activities into hand washing to make it more enjoyable for them.  

Dental Cleaning

Brushing teeth is vital to one's health, specially your child's. Did you know that tooth decay can set in as early as three years? Teaching your kids healthy dental habits while they're young, such as brushing their teeth every morning and evening and flossing, will stay with them throughout their lives. Dentists recommend reinforcing these habits to save and protect them from the awkwardness of bad breath, the pain of gingivitis and tooth decay.

Showering and Bathing

Showering and/or bathing is a definite must. Not only do you smell good when you get out, but your body is cleaned from filth your body has acquired throughout the day. Here’s a handy guide from dermatology experts about how often children should bathe and some guidelines for their bathing progress. Teach them to use soap and bathe regularly, and help them understand why. And of course, children are copiers. If they see mom or dad showering regularly, they may be more likely to do so.

When to Share

While sharing is a good thing, sharing germs or lice is not. Teaching your children to share their toys with another is very honorable, but it's also good to teach them not to share their water bottles, scarves, or hats. Sharing water bottles increases the chance of illness spread by saliva, and sharing scarves and/or hats increases the risk of lice. Another thing to impress upon your children according to child experts, is to not touch their noses, eyes, or mouth without first washing their hands, as this will share germs from someone else to them. No one wants to be sick, so don't share germs!

We hope this article was helpful in determining what's most important to teach your children health-wise while they're young. Hand washing, dental cleaning, showering/bathing, and sharing (or not sharing) will keep them clean, healthy, and well.

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