5 Stocking Stuffers that both Toddlers and Parents Will Love

We've all been there- receiving a karaoke machine as a gift that our babies enjoy so much...but us? Not so much. Here are some fun gifts that both parents and kiddos will love. 

1. SoaPen's Hand Soap Pen for Kids 

SoaPens next to holiday cookies being baked

Something that makes proper handwashing fuss free? That's a yes for parents! Something that makes handwashing fun? That's a yes for kiddos. What's more: SoaPen also makes sure kids wash their hands for the recommended 20-40 seconds by removing all traces of the drawing and over time teaches kids independence. 

2. TWEEmade Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk 

Unicorn shaped chalk

Take the drawing OUT of home with this colorful sidewalk chalk. Kids have fun making colorful designs and clean up is easy for parents outside of home!

3. Brushies Finger Toothbrush

Dino shaped finger brush

Little finger brushes with cute characters that keep kiddos engaged in brushing their teeth AND parents happy with easy brushing time. 

4.Color Me Water Paint Book

Dino on coloring book

Little ones will love watching these images come to life as they paint with just water, and parents will love that there is no mess required! As the water dries, the drawings will go back to black and white again. 

5. Kiboo Kids Washable Art Doll

Gender neutral canvas doll you can color in

Gender Neutral doll inspired by the Montessori methodology and the importance of open-ended play. Use washable crayons, markers or watercolor to color in the dolls! Clean canvas post washing in the washing machine. 

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