Friday Night Movies Kids Edition

Friday Night Movies Kids Edition

We have put together a list of our favorite kid-friendly movies that released in 2016-17 to watch on your next Friday night in! Not only are these entertaining, almost all of them carry a good message for the child to take away with them to bed. 

Puss in Books

Sooo this isn't exactly a 2 hour movie but the concept is so interesting that we had to put it on the list. Puss in Book is an interactive short movie (about 30 minutes) that allows kids to make choices at each step of the way and dictate the story.

Learning moment: Choices that you make at every bend of life dictate the path you take. 


A story about a bunny who against all odds, goes on to become the first police officer of her kind and how she saves the land of Zootopia. 

Learning moments: Zootopia addresses a lot of modern commentary on sexism, racism and politics. For instance, when a male tiger calls the lead, Lt. Judy Hopps, "cute", she informs him politely that calling a bunny cute is only okay when it's a conversation between bunnies and it's not okay for him to say that. 

Further, the whole storyline is based on how inducing fear in the public is often used as a way to gain political power and the various tactics that politicians use to do this. 


The newest Disney princess, Moana is fearless and a truly relaxing movie to stay in and watch.

Learning moment: Moana comments on the value of taking care of the land you live on, a lesson we all must focus on with the way we have been treating our environment. 

The Little Prince

A remake of the classic 1974 moview, The Little Prince, is truly moving. Telling the story of a pilot stranded on a desert and a prince who was forced to grow up, the movie really makes you think.

Learning moment: Stay weird, don't let anyone fit you in a mold. 


This is a story about Happy Trolls and Sad Bergens. Bergens only get happy when they eat Trolls and hence for decades the Trolls have been in hiding, until they are discovered by a scheming Bergen.

Learning moment: Happiness is within.

Finding Dory

A sequel to the amazing Finding Nemo, Pixar's Finding Dory, is Dory's quest of finding her family. 

Learning moment: Help your friends and it's good to be different. 

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