Downloadable 'When To Handwash' and 'How To Handwash' Printable Posters

To help reinforce the fundamental practice of handwashing, we suggest adding visual reminders near the sink to encourage kids to wash their hands properly. An easy way to do that is with printed "When To Handwash" and "How To Handwash" posters. These printable visual aids serve as practical reminders and educational tools for promoting good handwashing habits among individuals of all ages. They present clear and concise guidelines that can be easily displayed in various settings, ranging from homes and schools to healthcare facilities and offices.

When to Handwash?

Don't overlook or miss out on a hand wash!
How to Handwash with SoaPen?
Be generous and creative with SoaPen drawings! While removing the traces of the drawing underwater, hands are washed for the right amount of time (20 - 40 seconds).
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Hi There

Your product looks wonderful, what a great way to help make handwashing fun for children! I am wondering when your product will be available again?

Janice Duncan, Early Childhood Educator
Edmonton, Alberta

Janice Duncan

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