How Kids See the World o_o

Kids see very selectively when they're born. Starting from only seeing black and white in the first few months to primaries in the next few and only after 5 months do they fully begin seeing color. Just the same way we've realized that kids in our classrooms also see things very selectively and it sometimes leads to some pretty hilarious incidents. At the beginning of every SoaPen handwashing campaign, we make it a point to stick our "When to Handwash'" and "How to Handwash" in the restrooms as well as individual classrooms so that they're surrounded by the visual and reminded to wash their hands at the appropriate timing.

DSC_0011 IMG_3780

We start by introducing the posters to the classroom and when the class is posed with the question "When should you wash your hands?" they obviously and take cues from the posters. We thus get very specific and bizarre answers like: "We should wash our hands after eating a banana outside" "Everyone who has a dog should wash their hands" "As you take a walk you should wash your hands" "When pulling out toilet paper, we must wash hands" "Every time we spit, we should wash" A closer look at our poster will tell you why:


Thus, we've realized that it's important to not just introduce the poster but also ask the question back again and give them more scenarios than just the ones depicted. And of course, record the funny answers.

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