How You Can Help Supplement Your Child's Education at Home

You are your child's first and most important teacher. Whether you choose to homeschool, send your children to a private school or send them to a public school, there are many things that you can do to supplement their education. Here are some suggestions.


There are many activities that parents can do with their children to encourage learning math. If you go on a drive, then try counting the number of cars. If you are having something like hamburgers or pizza for supper, then have the child count the number of people and the number of servings, so everyone gets an equal share. Cooking with your child is a great way to learn fractions.


Many families have started homeschooling to better protect and educate their kids. This gives parents the perfect opportunity to teach important skills at home, from respecting others and self-confidence to reading and arithmetic. In regard to reading, book nooks are fun places for children to relax while reading a favorite story. Think about installing a family reading night when everyone picks out a favorite book to read. Or even have a read-a-thon where everyone takes turns reading their favorite children’s books aloud. Playing fun games like character charades can help your child remember important character traits.


There are many fun art projects that children can do with their parents. Consider turning pillowcases into children's sundresses and taking them to a local children's hospital. Wall art is fun to make and take to an elderly neighbor or give to a grandparent. Photography on an inexpensive camera is a fun way to learn about foregrounds, backgrounds and the use of light. No matter the art project, the SoaPen is bound to make cleaning up afterward even more fun, so don’t forget to order one soon!


There are also many writing projects that can be done with young children. Whenever they get a present, make sure that they hand write and send a thank you card. Go on an adventure and write a story about what happened. Consider adopting a penpal from a foreign country and send notes.

Physical Education

Physical activity should be a high priority in a family’s daily schedule. If going out for supper, then consider biking or walking to the restaurant. Get involved in local sports in your community. Encourage your children to adopt their own fitness goals and reward them when they accomplish them.

There are many different ways that you can encourage your child's education. One of the most important, however, is teaching them good manners. Most people are willing to teach someone how to do something as long as they feel respected, so encourage your children to always be respectful, despite what their friends might say or think is cool.

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