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This week, we focus on everyday useful objects that will save you a lot of hassle and money! A mix of tech and analog, the products are all simply ingenious in their functionality.

Aqueduck Faucet ExtenderImage Source:

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Very practical and such a great solution to make handwashing easier for kids!


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NoseFrida: The Snotsucker

This one might be icky for a few but the reality is that kids can be icky. A blocked nose is a pain for a lot of children and parents.




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This simple solution makes things a lot easier for both parties, providing quick relief to the child and keeping the parents' mind at ease.



















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Leander's Linea Cot

A child roughly goes through 15 types of furniture by the time they turn three. Most of these are necessary for safety like the crib, bassinet, toddler beds etc. Parents spent a lot of their funds on various bed types. It's great to see something that grows with the child, marginally reducing the immense financial burden that parents are under during the formative years.Image Source:


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Moving from a newborn crib to a regular crib and then into a toddler bed; finally ending it's life as a side sofa, the Linea Cot transforms with ease and can be a part of your and your child's life for a very long time.

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CliniCloud : A Health Kit on-the-go

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For so long, the only accurate way to measure a child's temperature has been skin contact. The thermometer by CliniCloud makes it possible to take temperature from up to 2 inches away. 

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Both the thermometer and the stethoscope record data that you can directly send over to your doctor on the cloud.

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Ideas We Love <3 Products for Kids

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