Learn Proper Handwashing With SoaPen!

Watch our 30 second how-to video below!

Here are the 4 steps for proper handwashing with SoaPen: 

  1. DRAW: The key to proper handwashing and getting the most suds from your SoaPen is to draw generously ALL over your dry hands!
  2. WET: Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, take a small amount of warm water and slightly wet your hands. 
  3. RUB: Rub, rub, rub your hands together and create bubbles. SoaPen is free of SLS which is the main ingredient that creates bubbles in most soaps but can be an irritant to kids’ skin so we avoid it. Bubbles =/= cleansing! SoaPen produces a soft white lather. 
  4. WASH: Check for any leftover color on your hand and rinse off! 
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