Patterns of SoaPen

Patterns of SoaPen

There has for some time been a huge taboo against sharing bar soap. Studies over the years have shown that there is absolutely no harm in a family sharing bar soap as it is a self cleansing product. Bacteria grows only if you allow your soap to be sitting in it's own puddle without ever draining it. We love to promote sharing in a classroom setting! (unless you have a contagious skin infection. If that's the case, please don't.) The SoaPen in-field team come up with interactive posters to promote sharing and group activities. One of the ways we do this is to ask a group of about 5 kids to come up with drawings that have a theme or a set of drawings that compose a picture. Essentially, anything that would create a sense of community among the. Children would often draw animals or a train track that runs along multiple hands to create one long line. We take along instructive posters to get the idea across. Here are two of our favorites:


The thought behind the poster is to let the children know that the universe is in their hands. The SoaPen Universe poster sparks every child's imagination and makes them reach the stars with their ideas.


Children also love the Caterpillar Poster! This is a huge hit among bigger groups as they are excited to make the "longest caterpillar ever!".

This 'themed drawing' activity is just one of the ways we encourage sharing. We also try to make it super easy for the teacher to manage children by group handwashing activities. Stay tuned for more!

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