Snacks for Young Jetsetters

One thing that is a Universal truth - kids are messy. When it comes to food they're a special kind of messy. So for our tiny jet setters we have made a list of no-mess, easy and portable snacks that keep both the parents and the baby happy.


Bite Sized Cheese Cubes!

Kids love cheese and bite sized cheese cubes will stop them from being messy. Forget the toothpicks, let them grab these by the hand and pop straight in for a yummy quick treat on the go.


Frozen Grapes grapes  

Juicy fresh grapes can be a nightmare but freeze them and they become a much more manageable snack option. Specially good in the summer, they act as healthy little popsicle treats.  


Drinkable Yogurt sippy  

Yogurt is so underrated as a healthy snack for kids. The best part is that it can be made drinkable and filled in to the ever so convenient sippy cups we love so much!


Apples and maybe Peanut Butter apple    

The easiest thing to whip up for a quick snack is : an apple; all you need is a knife. Granted peanut butter can get messy with the tots but it's so filling and works so well with the apples! So maybe fir the portability, get rid of the peanut butter but once they're a little older, definitely add that to the snack basket.


Homemade Granola Bites granola  

The best recipe ever for quick healthy homemade granola bites is here! What's healthier and less messy than a bite sized granola bar?


Cooookiesss cookies  

Making cookies for snacks tonight? Make them bite sized!! We love bite sized everything, makes life so much easier. Tried and tested recipe here.


Freeze dried berries fruits    

We love fruits and everything berry but they can get messy. Try freeze dried berries! No added sugar, super easy to carry around and kids love the sweet and sour taste.  

Happy summer and road tripping!

For more info on why to pick snacks with no added sugar, read here

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