Top 5 Products To Get Your Toddler With Sensory Issues

What are some products you should consider getting for your toddler with sensory issues? When selecting products for a toddler with sensory issues, it's important to consider their specific sensory needs and preferences. However, here are five products that are often recommended for toddlers with sensory issues:

  1. SoaPen: As they begin potty training, you may realize that your toddler is sensitive to the texture of typical soap. SoaPen is a soap kids can draw with and provides a sensory alternative. Shop here

  2. Seamless Socks: a lot of toddlers with sensory issues find the seams in typical socks uncomfortable. Seamless Socks have hand linked seams with no annoying toe bump! Shop here
  3. Weighted Blanket: Weighted blankets are designed to provide deep pressure and proprioceptive input, which can have a calming effect on many individuals with sensory issues. They can help toddlers feel grounded and more relaxed. Shop here.
    Weighted Blanket for toddlers

  4. Fidget Toys: Fidget toys come in various shapes, textures, and sizes, and can help provide tactile stimulation and improve focus. Examples include stress balls, fidget spinners, and textured chewable toys. Experiment with different types to find what works best for your toddler. Shop here.
    Fidget toys for toddlers

  5. Sensory Board or Wall Panel: A sensory board or wall panel is a fixed unit with various interactive elements that offer different sensory experiences. These may include buttons to press, textures to explore, mirrors etc. It can be a great tool for sensory exploration and development. Shop here
    Sensory board and toddler using it

    Remember, every child is unique, and it's important to observe your toddler's reactions and preferences when introducing new sensory products. It's a good idea to consult with an occupational therapist or sensory specialist who can provide personalized recommendations based on your child's specific needs.

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