What’s a coconut without a straw?

What’s a coconut without a straw?

Colors -- It’s funny how a child can only see black and white in the early months they are born. Then comes recognition of the primaries. Yellow. Red. Blue. Surrounding kids with bright beautiful colors does not just make them happy, but also makes them cognitively healthy.

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Arts and crafts are a major focus for children aged 3 to 6. In kindergarten and upper kindergarten, students primarily spend their time in school, drawing and coloring.

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It was amazing to see how perceptive the children were of their surroundings and how much they influenced them

. In our first concept evaluation study, we saw that the students were inspired by the picturesque tropical landscape of Mumbai: the sea, beautiful sunsets and street vendors. Specially, the coconut vendor on the corner! 2 (2)

A little girl drew the shades of a Mumbai sunset on her palm. The students really appreciate the simple things in life. Another day, as the kids were drawing on each other's hands; a little boy drew a coconut on his friend’s hand. His friend was not satisfied! He took the crayon from his hand and exclaimed: “What’s a coconut without a straw!?” And then proceeded to add a straw.

Their creativity continues to delight us everyday.

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