Introducing our first children's book, Alpy’s Sneeze!


Growing up in New Delhi, India I learned the importance of handwashing at an early age from my mother. Not only does handwashing benefit your kids’ health, but also contributes to the health of your (and their) community – so why not make it fun? As our customers know, that is one of the reasons why we started Soapen.

Young Shubham with her mom, dad and sister in India.
To help share this important lesson in a fun and engaging way, we decided to create a children’s book that follows Alpy the dinosaur on her adventures between city and nature, drawing on my childhood love of dinosaurs and a few personal touches throughout like a lotus to reflect the prevalent elephant art in India, and a ribbon like the one I had on my long braid as a child. We collaborated with Jakarta-based illustrator Maria Putri who we’ve worked with since day one on our illustrations.

In this book, your kids will not only learn about the 7 steps of handwashing alongside Alpy and her mama, but when and how to wash their hands.

It is available now as a board book, and we hope it can be another engaging teaching tool for our customers and their kids!

Check out Alpy's Sneeze here.

A page spread of Alpy Dino hands

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